About company

High quality

We understand that high quality of our products is essential for the safety of rail transport.
Therefore, we follow strict control regimes to ensure high quality products and processes. We have implemented in our factory quality management system complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Professional team

Our engineers work on innovative solutions and are open to resolve any problems of our customers. We have extensive experience in the field of signaling, rail traffic management systems, rail infrastructure, mechanical and metalworking.

New technologies

Our factory in Olsztyn is well organized and equipped with modern production machineries together with over 100 skilled and motivated team members. Since 2012 we can also base on the best manufacturing practices and capacities of 4 factories  of Stalmot&Wolmet Group in Poland.

Experience since 1945

We specialize in manufacturing of  mechanical and electromechanical  equipment for rail traffic management systems continuously since 1945. Our products are delivered to the Polish National Rail Network and international producers of rail traffic management systems.
Our products are certified by Polish Office of Rail transportation.